Sarbloh is a private security and risk management firm. We specialise in physical risk and mitigation strategies. We are able to deploy close-protection teams globally and investigate and seek intelligence within the political, business and interest group environment. Our network allows us to investigate covertly and deter overtly.

Our people are not just board members and senior managers - we are proud of the global relationships we have built over several years. Our senior staff are ex-military personnel, having served for over a decade each in the British Army and other NATO nations.

Harjot S. Gill

Senior Advisor. Harj joins Sarbloh after serving as an officer in the British Army for 12 years. He has been involved in strategy and operational development in counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism and security operations in Iraq, Northern Ireland, The Falklands and Afghanistan. He has extensive experience of leading field teams and mission planning expertise. Harj is a SIA close-protection licence holder from the UK Government.

Rajiv Dubarry

Senior Advisor. Rajiv joins Sarbloh after a distinguished 15 year career with the elite Indian forces, Interpol and the Mauritius Defence Force. He has worked in peace support operations and bio-terrorism strategies in the mid-African and Indian Ocean regions.

Tom Huckle

Senior Advisor. Tom joins Sarbloh after a career as an officer with the Royal Marines. A very experienced field operator, comfortable in leading small discreet teams, he has expertise in intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance. His military career saw him involved in counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. Tom is also a leading certified cyber security operator, where his skills allow him to penetrate systems and conduct ethical hacks.

Daniel Jaggard

Senior Advisor. Dan joins Sarbloh with 12 years of military experience, where he commanded soldiers on the front line in counter-insurgency operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Dan has excelled at designing and running training programmes - winning distinct British Army gold awards for long range reconnaissance patrols. Prior to leaving the military he was responsible for training an entire task force deploying to Afghanistan. Since leaving the Army he has advised private security companies, particularly in the maritime and off-shore space.

Our global network consists of government staff, media professionals, corporate personnel and small business owners. Allowing us to dive deep into local issues and understand the real situation.

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